Cable Processing & Recycling – Bassetts of Hull

At Bassetts of Hull, we buy, sell and process all types of Aluminium, Copper and Lead covered cables with the aid of our dedicated workforce and excellent state of the art machinery. Our primary function is cable processing, wire processing and cable recycling using our dedicated machines to strip, shred and separate in order to produce our quality granulated products such as PVC Granules and Copper granules.

Cable Recycling
Our main concern at Bassetts of Hull is to maximize reclamation whilst making a minimal impact on the environment. We achieve this by effectively recovering all plastic and ferrous materials. We take cable processing, cable recycling and wire processing very seriously and we aim to recycle around 99% of the cable product, with around 1% going to landfill.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to receive the highest price possible, please make sure that all plugs and sockets are removed.

Household Cable – Armoured Cable


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